We are looking for true Ghost stories, Folklore and legends, from communities throughout Nova Scotia

It has been said that if a house has had a death in it, it can never be bought or sold. It can only be borrowed from the Ghosts that live there.

There are many people throughout Nova Scotia, who live in haunted homes, and have become accustomed to their dearly departed guests noises, and antics. These "guests" may be previous owners, family members, or maybe even someone they once knew coming to see how they are doing.

The Paranormal world can be very fascinating. It's like a very large puzzle, with every story that is shared, another piece gets added so that we can all gain a better understanding of wait awaits us all on the other side.

This is why we enjoy hearing your stories, and learning theirs, it helps give us a better understanding on why some spirits choose to stay, and your story may just help others.

We are also interested in local Folklore and Legends, from communities throughout Nova Scotia. With over 400 years of History, Nova Scotia is rich in History, and has many stories that need to be told.

To submit a story, or for further inquiries, please feel free to contact us. When you message, please let us know where the event took place, and as much detail as you can recall.

All the best!
Caretakers Paranormal Investigations