Peggy's Cove "Ghost of the Lady in Blue"

Peggy's Cove Light House

Peggy’s Cove is one of Nova Scotia's most popular tourist locations, and is known not only for its beauty and lighthouse, but also for its Ghost stories. One of the most famous Ghost Stories from Peggy’s Cove is that of the “Lady in Blue”. 

According to legend, Peggy’s Cove was named after the only survivor of a schooner that ran aground and sank in 1800… a young girl by the name of Margaret, and was taken in by one of the local families. Locals called her “Peggy “or “Peggy of the Cove”, and some say she married a local man and settled in the fishing village, before moving to North Dakota.

As the story goes, there was a woman who had traveled from Europe to Canada, hoping for a better life for herself and her two children. Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough money to bring her children with her, but hoped to earn enough money to be reunited with her children. Settling in the Village of “Peggy’s Cove”, she married a local man, who was very kind to her.  

One day, she was sitting on the rocks daydreaming of her children, and was very sad because she missed them so. Her new husband soon joined her, and seeing that she was feeling down, he tried to cheer her up, by singing and danced on the rocks. As he was dancing, he slipped and fell on the rocks, killing him instantly. The locals found him later, but there was no sign of her. Some say that she likely felt responsible for his death, and she took her own life by falling in to the sea. 

Even to this day, some people have seen the mysterious “Lady in Blue”. It has been said that she looks poised to jump into the sea, and when someone tries to help, she disappears. Sadly, reliving that fateful moment over and over again.

Is the “Lady in Blue” the only spirit who still haunts the rocky shore? I seriously doubt it. Peggy’s Cove has seen countless deaths throughout its history, from people getting to close to the waves, and swept out to sea, to the Swissair 911 disaster in September of 1998. 

Peggy’s Cove is a beautiful place visit, but play it safe, or you may share her fate.   

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If you know of any other stories from this area, or have a story of your own that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you! 


  1. Do you now how peggys gost looked like?

  2. once i was a kid i saw her looking at me in my attic. I tried to fight her but she powerbomb me in the kitchen on the knives. I ma writing this as a ghost. My name is Ramon btw.

    1. Same dud, but instead she was Anne Frank and she was my walking in my attic. When I tried to talk to her she freaking killed me with Aids and Hitler was there too.

    2. bro i thought i was the only one, she threw me into the fire of my ouija board